Table Tracker

Table Tracker®

The table location system that identifies where guests are sitting so you can deliver food faster.

Perfect for Restaurants, Bistros & all other Hospitality Services

Restaurant Paging

Guest Paging Systems

LRS paging systems are a fast and reliable way to locate and notify guests when they are needed.

Perfect for Restaurants, Bistros & all other Hospitality Services

On Cue Paging

On Cue

21st Century Paging for Restaurants

Call it the Swiss army knife of paging. The only app that manages detailed wait lists, assigns tables and quickly pages customers and staff.

Perfect for Restaurants, Bistros & all other Hospitality Services

Staff Paging

Staff Paging Systems

LRS staff paging systems improve service and enhance the guest experience by instantly notifying employees when they are needed.

Perfect for Restaurants, Retail, Healthcare and other Industries.


Get things done faster and easier with LRS solutions that help streamline your business and improve customer flow.

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  Guest Pagers Staff Pagers Push For Service Table Tracker® On Cue NetPage Unlimited Orbit Boost




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Hotels & Resorts

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Spas & Salons

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Medical Centre's

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Arenas & Stadiums


Bowling & Family Fun


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RSL Clubs & Pubs

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LRS Pagers

Since the beginning, LRS has remained dedicated to developing technologies that help service businesses provide a better customer experience. We offer products and services designed to help full-service and fast casual restaurants streamline operations, improve service and increase sales every day.

  • LRS Star


    LRS Guest & Staff Pagers not only look attractive, they offer the newest in paging technology, design, and features.

  • LRS People


    Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are ready to help you with any questions you may have 24/7.

  • LRS Trust


    Restaurants can be rough on equipment, that’s why we craft LRS products to withstand every day bumps and bruises.



    LRS Pagers and Location Trackers offer open APIs to integrate with POS, KDS, or other solutions.


LRS has decades of Operational Know-How and Excellence in providing simple and reliable solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff to enable increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

  • LRS Wait List

    Wait List

    Casual restaurants manage a wait list and offer customers a choice of a SMS or LRS pager for notification when their table is ready with LRS’ On Cue for Restaurants.

  • LRS Table Tracker

    Table Delivery

    Quick serve and fast casual restaurants find customers immediately with LRS’ guest location system, Table Tracker, and deliver food faster.

  • LRS Notify Staff

    Notify Staff

    Kitchens keep servers focused on their guests by notifying servers when orders are up with an LRS paging system.

  • LRS Service

    Request Service

    Cinemas, resorts, and restaurants use call buttons for customers to notify staff when they’re ready to place an order or when service is needed.

  • LRS Chart

    Analyze Service Times

    Track wait and delivery times using LRS wait list and table tracking software and find opportunities to improve turn-around times.

LRS Paging Solutions
LRS Pager Kit


From product selection to customisations, our sales and support team are here to help. We have years of experience in the planning and deployment of paging / communication systems.

Our expert staff will assist you in the implementation of a tailored solution to satisfy your individual requirements for the best possible outcome.

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